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Kind Words from Loyal Customers!

Wonderful people, out of this world produce, breads, flowers -- you name it -- and inexpensive parking. I look forward to going there every Saturday. A wonderful meet and greet experience too. Best thing to come to the beaches in a long time!
Ruth Chambers

Our Beaches Green Market has great local produce, live music, great people, its a stop on the local trolley and just a bike ride away for everyone in the beaches community. There is great food at a great price! It just makes you feel good!
Maia Ferrell
Great local, organic and neighborhood foods. Great community!!
Patricia Goelz

 The Beaches Green Market has a great variety of local foods and goods for sale every weekend. It's easily accessible to everyone and always makes for a great Saturday afternoon.
Nick Strate

 They have worked very hard to bring a farmers market and community garden to the beach area, and have done a great job with it!
Ed Ramsey

 They offer a great selection of local and organic produce, natural products and thay offer music and entertainment on top of it. Saturdays are actually my favorite day of the week beacuse I get to spend a great afternoon at the market. Keep up the great job.
Isabel Pacheco

 Beaches Green Market stays true to the "Farmers Market" concept as it limits itself to selling produce from small farms. One is usually buying directly from the farmer. In our area a Farmers Market is a rarity abd this one exeeds expectations with a great selection of produce and a wonderful sense of community. It is wonderful to see something like this happening in our area!
Lynne Paradise

 Great neighborhood gathering place with a large variety of goods, including some of the best fruits and vegetables anywhere
Diane Dyal

 I am a grower that sells at Beaches Green Market, the market manager and the consumers at this market are by far the best I have worked with. Enough good stuff can not be said about Gretchen and the job she has done for the local farmers in the Jacksonville area. The consumers are the best, they know and understand the work, blood, sweat and tears we put into the produce we grow and they tell us regularly.
Scott Johnson

 Our market is right next to the first community garden ever! in the beaches. The market promotes local foods but best of all, the children in the area have become involved in growing their own veggies. Thanks to the organizers of the market, we are reaching the young people of our community. Through education can we make change that can be past on through the years.
Pat Hazouri

 Because it's in my neighborhood, practically in my backyard and any support we give to our local market supports our local community!!! Plus, I love getting fresh produce and yummy goodies every weekend!
Marisa Carta

 The Beaches Green Market offers a great variety of fresh, local, and organic produce, cheeses, breads, and seafood. The selections inspire me to create much more interesting meals that are both healthy and delectable. The farmers are helpful and nice, and the couple that created the market are amazingly decicated to improving quality of life in our neighboorhood. Its been so great to be a part of cultivating the market and adjacent community garden.
Andrea Goldman

The market has brought the community together and works hand and hand with an organic community garden literally feet away. It truely benefits the community by bringing a source for local product and growing appreciation for where your food comes from. Not to mention they have everything that you could ever need, from fresh local seafood to organic snow cones!
Meghan Koontz

 Since the inception of this Green Market there has been happier,healthier beach folks.Iam not at the beach but about 7-8 miles away and make the trip as it is worthwhile for the fresh,pesticide free veggies,fresh cheese and bread.They have educated the community with classes and started a community garden.Praises to them to get this started. Now there are even more markets in the area. However, this is the best!
Mary Walter

With humble beginnings, Gretchen and the Beaches Green Market have proven themselves to be the model market. Too many markets don't have standards; this one does. They are very choosy in who they allow to join; prefer organic offerings and true farmers; and offer full disclosure so consumers know exactly what they're purchasing. In addition, they care! They have a garden for school children, and do workshops to show kids how to grow their own food. They offer workshops, teaching people how to do it on their own. I couldn't ask for a better market.
Mike Jewett

 They provide a much needed resource for healthier eating and a healthier lifestyle. I also believe the Green Market has brought a diverse people together for a greater, common good.
Kathleen Perry

 Local produce tastes like real food! I can bike there and get my goodies. I look forward to it all week. ooooooo! And the farm fresh eggs! They're the best.
Amy O.
 I support my Beaches Green Market for as many reasons as I can count. The produce, flowers, cheeses and pleasant vendors make even the hottest Saturday Florida afternoon very special. We have longed for a local green market ever since we became very spoiled shopping for local produce in the mountains of North Carolina. And, we are so appreciative of the efforts of all who make our market and gardens work, we try to spread the good news to one and all in order to support their hard work and dedication.
Elizabeth Ratchford 

Because the message behind the market is beautiful. We have the power to chose to support ourselves and our local farmers through their efforts, and we can learn from them how to grow our own small harvests. Plus Gretchen is so inspiringly dedicated to making the market the best it can be, it has turned into a beautiful meeting ground for the beaches.
Siddie Friar

 They are the best Green Local Market around and have overcome many obstacles, working diligently, to provide their local community with delicious, locally-grown food and a venue for locals to create stronger community ties. Gretchen and Jonathan are the best!
Andrea Paxton

 It really has a family feel. There has been so much effort by a closely bonded group to get this market up and going. I am amazed how much love and good energy there is at this market and how quickly it is growing!! To put it simply, it rocks!!
Ben Taylor

 The atmosphere is festive, it is a great way to see friends, and the produce and related products are a fabulous value!
Ronda McDonald

 You can rely on them rain or shine. Part of a whole system supporting local farming. This market is right next to a vegetable garden where people can "rent" (it is free) a parcel to grow their own vegies. They promote growing food in your own backyard and they have a stand at the BEACHES GREEN MARKET where they tell you how.
Beatriz Nobles
 It's the best thing to happen to Neptune Beach! I love being able to support local farmers and get healthy foods. My dog loves the doggie treats all most as much as I love those little sweet potato pies.
Lisa Carroll

 The beaches market provides a diverse collection of vendors. It is a great place to get locally grown produce. you can even get certified organic seeds to grow your own!
James Woodruff

 While most "farmer's markets" here in the area are really just people selling conventionally grown produce from well known brands such as Dole, Beaches Green Market only sells locally grown produce and also has music, handmade soap, crafts, baked goods, etc... It's a wonderful place to spend a Saturday.
Anneliese Pridemore

 Its an amazing market- all the produce is truly locally grown (you can meet the friendly farmers and ask them gardening Q's too!) and it has locally produced value-added products too such as homemade all-natural soaps and locally blended all-natural teas. No flea-market cheezy stuff here! (Yea!) Also, the group that runs the Beaches Green Market also offers gardening workshops and their weekly e-letter also offers yummy recipes I use with all the local produce & herbs from the market. This is my favorite market!!!
Laura Hannan